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If you had no limitations in your life, what would you be doing at this moment? What kind of work would you do, where would you live, what would your house look like? If you were in the perfect relationship, what would that be like? Each of you will have a different response because you each want different things and have a different view of your limitless life would look like. And yet, your life can be exactly what you want it to be because once you understand that you have no limitations you can begin to create your life instead of living the life that you believe you can have.

You live in a limitless Universe, why do you believe that your own abilities are limited? There is nothing that separates you from Creator except your belief that you are less than divine. This belief serves no purpose but to create limitations in your reality and keeps your dreams out of your reach. Nothing is impossible for you because only that which you desire is available to you.

Your doubts and fears are as powerful as your faith. There are no powerless beliefs and thoughts. Each one has equal power and each one participates in the creation of your reality. Blocks are created when you send out a wish for something you want and follow it by a doubt that it will come to you. This creates limitations that will not move until your faith in your own creative power is the only energy that you allow.

Source: Uriel’s Message

This world can be a wonderful place and our lives can be wonderful adventures, and I only wish that everyone could experience this as I do.

Ever since I had my first conversation with God (I really should say, my first conscious conversation, because all of us are having conversations with God all the time, it’s just that we don’t know it until we do), I have been so very happy so much of the time, and all I have wanted to do is share the knowledge, understanding, and awareness that that first conversation brought me.

I am so often asked, “Can we really have a life of happiness?” The answer is yes, if we could only embrace it!

In order to do so, I think we have to stop focusing on conditions and circumstances, and start focusing on our experience. What my conversation with God has taught me is that it is possible to be happy, joyful, peaceful, and content all the time. Am I, myself, experiencing that? No.

Not all the time.

Am I experiencing that more of the time than ever before? Yes. Is this almost “all of the time”? Yes. Do I think that I can get to the place where it will be “all of the time”? Yes.

I am so excited about this that I can’t even tell you.

Yes, I can. That’s what I’m doing here.

And that’s what I’m going to be doing from now on in my life, now that I’ve written my last CwG dialogue book (HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends). I am going to spend the rest of my life just telling people how happy they can be! And I am going to tell them how they can be that.

Every time I write give a talk somewhere, or write an article, or speak to the media, or present a workshop, or facilitate a retreat, that’s going to be the topic! Here’s my title:  How to Be So Happy that You Won’t Be Able to Stand It (Unless You Will).

Isn’t that great?

I think we’ve lost the Art of Being Happy. I think we’ve lost the knack of making life a happy experience.  And I’m clear that the whole world is suffering from unhappyitis.

We’ve got to stop this. Okay, we don’t have to, but we can if we choose to. That’s the really surprising part of all this. We can. All we have to do is change a few things in our thinking! All we have to do is drop a few old ideas and embrace a few new ones. It’s that simple! It won’t even hurt. We’ll be so glad to get rid of those old notions that we won’t even miss them!

And after we let go of our old ideas, we can come from a “new place,” we can open up a “new space” in our lives. A space for bubbling joy and child-like wonder and genuine happiness to enter in.

I have created a wonderful Happiness Process inspired by Conversations with God that allows you to move from sadness to happiness in 25 minutes.

Isn’t that fantastic?

You can actually begin the process right here! Take out a sheet of paper and write down “Ten Reasons I Have to Be Happy Right Now.” (This will make you really think. The first three or four reasons will come to you very quickly. Then you may have to look around, check into your experience more deeply, to find the other five or six. If you can’t think of ten, write as many as you can.)

This is a simple part of the process and is far from being the most sophisticated, but it is a start. Okay, after you’ve created your list, I want you to review it carefully and then write a three-sentence statement for each item on the list, describing why this particular thing makes you happy. Okay?  Got it?


Now…after you do that…I want you to quantify just how happy these things make you, item by item. After each item on the list, give yourself a Happiness Score. The lowest score is 1, the highest is 10.

Now add up the scores.

This is your Happyometer. It tells you what percent of your life is lodged in happiness right now. The Happiness Process will tell you how to increase that percentage immediately.

I’ll see you soon! And until I do,

Make it a happy day

Fountain:     Upping Your Happyometer – By Neale Donald Walsch

You are Powerful…..”by Louise L. Hay.

I have the power to heal my life.

I always have the power of my mind.

I don’t use my mind to think of myself as a victim or to complain about others.

My mind is a powerful tool.

I claim and consciously use my power.

I have the power to choose to see things working out for the best.

I recognize that I am always connected with the One Power and Intelligence that created me.

I feel and use this support knowing it is always there.

I am a powerful human being.

I am always treated with respect.

The more open I am, the safer I am.

I love and honor myself.

All is well, and I am safe.

Fountain: Louise L Hay

Claim for your dreams

There will be an end to envy, jealousy and possessiveness once humanity understands the concept of the limitlessness of the Universe and that everything which you desire on a heart level belongs to you. Everything that you can ask for, every miracle that you want to create is possible for you. Your dreams are not possible for anyone else and their dreams are not possible for you. What others have belongs to them and is a creation that they undertake for their reality. What is yours, what belongs to you, is a reflection of your dreams. Claim your dreams, take ownership of them, accept them and then focus your energy on making them a reality.

What is yours in the Universe is every desire of your heart, no matter how big or small. There is no limitation to what can be given to you and to every person. Those who do not receive do not ask. Those who do not ask do not receive. Or they do not ask for enough, for what their heart truly desires, or they ask with limitations. Asking in fear limits the Universe’s ability to respond. Asking for what another has is a reflection of the limits you impose on yourselves. Those who do not believe that their dreams cannot or will not come true are simply in fear. They have dreams but are not willing to claim them out of fear they will not come true.

Your dreams are more than a passing fancy or a random thought. They are the language of your heart, which knows and understands what you are capable of and what is possible for you. It is beyond logic or understanding, beyond human comprehension because it challenges you to rise above logic and move into infinite thinking. Those who question your dreams do not understand your path or your soul’s mission in this lifetime. Their doubt comes from their inability to realize your dreams for themselves.

You claim your dreams by listening to your heart and then using the mind to give a voice to what it is telling you. The Universe works with you when you claim your dreams and focus the full force of your will and intention on allowing them to become a reality. This is the best use of your power, the way that you create heaven on earth for yourselves. When each person learns how to claim their dreams and focuses on creating them you will step into the flow of the energy that surrounds you and there will be peace and joy and enough of everything for everyone, everywhere.

Fountain:  http://www.urielheals.com/Messages.html

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