Being aware about life and death

This letter has being sent from a friend to me, when my brother was on the death doors, this past week.
Now fortulately he is much better and perhaps it is not necessary that he changes his state because he decide to live again.
Really the words that he said are so amazing that I really want to share with you.
Well Dory
it ain’t easy to be around a dying  loved one again
and at the same time it is all part of the perfect orchestrations of life
impossible to understand for we cannot see all the lives and karma involved
neither all the blessings in disguise
it doesn’t matter what is happening
it is crucial how we react to it
so I send you strength to keep the faith
and keep the sunny side of the street where everything can be seen in the light of relativism
knowing that out soul lives for eternity
and our whole universe is smaller then a tiny particle of dust in the whole scheme of thing
and there are more electrons in your little toe then sand particles on all the beaches
so you can realy forget about trying to control it all
and focus on a smile that understands that pain and death are intertwined with life and joy 
All is well!
Will 😉
Thank God to all the wise persons who recognize that life is only a tiny piece of dust in the multiverse….of our lives.
Fountain Will V. Gemert
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