Honoring my dead husband Twan Callaars


He has been ill during seven years of leucemia. He died on march of 2007. And this was one of the days that he wants to share with me all his knollege… I was with him during two years and for me it was so full of love and tenderness, that i decide to take some notes and to write it for the people who is healthy and think that they know everything in this life…. After this experience my life changed totally and now I am looking for light every day… He gives me the power for going futher. He was very concience and he was a great man all the time even in his worst pain….and fast eithg years of leucequemia are very confrontating…

Always with his power and with his smile. He told me that if one day he will die, he will never regret anything in his life.

Thank you for your behaviour with me all this months I am very gratefull to you…

If you want to do something don’t hesitate just do it. For example if I want to make pipi I ought to thing about it: pain in main back, suffering….

I think when some persons in this planet have a painful experience, they appreciate the life a little bit more. Of course it is not necessary to have so a painful experience like mine.

Now is the sun shining and it is very nice. The temperature is nice and the day is also very nice.

People like to make problems with the little things of the life and this is not worth.

Life will be much better if we concentrate on the joy and not on the suffering.

I think that is very beautiful that you can see that your father and mother get old. And at this moment you can help them teaching them that you love them as much as possible.

My father had a very strong character, of course that he has also a lot of positive things.

To see the negative instead of the positive is more simple. For me is also difficult to see the positive things.

To make mistakes is not a problem in the life. . What I want to tell is when you make mistakes you feel at the begging upset but at the end you feel very grateful.

When we are born our beings are not complete. Perhaps your physical body is complete but you come to this planet for develop things.

When something happen like a car accident or a sickness, a lot of people are totally transform. Suddenly they are living in a totally different world to the normal world. Everything that before was normal, now is not normal anymore. For example here in Mierlo there are some animals in a little park if you decide one day to take some bread to them. Next day you ought to stay in bed all day. Perhaps you ought to suffer one, two or three days. It was very nice, but next time you will thing about it before doing it. I mean was nice but cost me a lot of energy and I am not going to do more.

The same happen with the people who come to visit you. This is wonderful. They talk and it is very nice. But I ought to take care with the energy that I spend with them.

I can give advices to other people if they are open. For example if my neighbour come to visit me and is complaining because the radio does not work and can tell him, please go to the shop and buy a new one. You can see the contrast.

It is important that you take the best of your life. Not always is easy, because you can have influences in life for another people. It is important to find the balance between them.

There are a lot of people who wants to help another people. They want to help, but they cannot. They don’t have the tools. So on the same time that they want to help you they make you suffer. Try, not to blame them because they want the best. Not every want hat the tool or the knowledge for give the person who has problems physically or mentally or both, to give good person a good feeling with the trying to help. Do not blame these people even if they say something who is very

hurting, because if they could do in another way they could do it. Because not everyone has enough life experience. Always think if they could do better, they would do better. The positive things of life is that some people, only have small problems on life and another people have to face a lot of real problems. I do not know if the one with big problems, is suffering more than the one with the small problems, but they both have the experience of life, they learnt, try to face the problems. Try to solve or deal with them.

And if you are in the position, that you can see the problem and also see the solution. And the problem disappear with the knowledge you received. Some next time you can get the positive out of the negative experience you have before, which can make your life more easier to handle.

Enjoy the present moment. Life is so short for not enjoying it. This is the more important.

Origin: Mariposa


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